Men want to choose healthy underwear
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Underwear can be said that each of us essential goods, especially in addition to female friends in the selection of underwear attention to the importance of their choice, the male comrades should pay attention to their own health, choose the underwear, which relates to your healthy life! Comrades in the selection of underwear to her boyfriend, we should also pay attention to the health of the male compatriots! The following living area Xiaobian for your analysis of how to choose the underwear tips.
First, we should pay attention to the choice of underwear fabric. In the selection of materials to make underwear, there are several factors are critical, such as ventilation area, is prone to static electricity, the existence of potential allergens and so on. Sometimes we find that after wearing underwear will appear rash, itching and other symptoms, is static at play.
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1, synthetic fiber - stimulate large
Synthetic fiber underwear to stimulate the skin is far greater than the natural fiber, so natural fiber underwear is often better.
2, natural fiber - breathable
Silk, cotton, linen are common natural underwear material, including cotton and linen blended fabric breathable, so it is suitable for summer underwear.
3, acrylic, polyester - not suitable
Acrylic, polyester, etc. Although the price is low, good support, but the permeability and moisture absorption are poor, not suitable for long-term as underwear.
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Followed by underwear style choice is critical:
Tight underwear:
Many women prefer tight-fitting underwear, because they are more sexy. However, this sexy but at the expense of a certain health at the expense. Because of the lack of air circulation, tight underwear on the heat is difficult to be taken away, will become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and parasites, and pathogenic microorganisms and high calorie can directly lead to vulvovaginal infection. In the case of vulvovirus infection is still wearing such underwear, will slow down the speed of rehabilitation.
Loose underwear:
Loose men's underwear for women to provide more comfort and health protection. However, loose underwear is not as tight-fitting as women, mainly because most women think they are unattractive. Fortunately, the market already has a relaxed bikini underwear (similar to the pants), most of their designs are very novel, which can also provide women with a more healthy choice.
1, lace underwear
Advantages: light, mysterious;
Disadvantages: disabled vaginal disease.
2, thong
Advantages: sexy, close no trace;
Disadvantages: poor ventilation, easy to infection.
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3, four corner underwear
Advantages: with skirt pants easy;
Disadvantages: no plastic role.
4, cotton underwear
Advantages: comfortable, breathable;
Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink.
5, high waist underwear
Advantages: shaping, warm belly;
Disadvantages: binding, not beautiful.

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