Summer so hot together to swim to swim it!
Publisher: News Sources: Date:2017/1/13 10:07:02

Summer weather is really hot people can not wait to stay in the air conditioning does not come out, that since the weather is so hot, of course we have a lot of hydrophilic friends, such as swimming is a good choice, that since going swimming, and certainly indispensable one Fashion good-looking swimsuit, then Xiaobian for everyone to bring a few, sister paper may wish to pick pick together, and then about to go swimming with friends!
If you are a more conservative girl, or a pear-shaped figure of the girls, then you can try Siamese swimsuits, such as the above figure on the good, you can just cover your waist and abdomen and hips and thigh excess fat , While the V-neck design allows you to show attractive business line, easy to wear out a good body Oh!
Summer so hot together to swim to swim it!
Really, in fact, many girls have fitness habits of shaping, so the body is actually very good, if you are one of them, then try sexy hot bikini it, such as the figure on the set of good , Generous show good body what can not it? Do not hide it!

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