Quality complaints handling: When customers find quality problems, fill out the "customer complaint handling form" and notify the regional salesman, by the clerk to the scene to investigate the relevant facts and confirm the signature, if no business areas can directly complaints Single-pass back to the company customer service staff. IMPORTANT: The Customer Complaint Processing Form must include details of the production, including the date of manufacture, the date and quantity of shipment, the number of defects, and information on the product's outer carton (to facilitate tracing of the relevant batches of product and liability Personnel), as far as possible the objective expression of adverse phenomena, if necessary, can be directly sent to the company's customer service bad product.
Transportation Complaints: When customers encounter problems related to transport links, if the carrier is the company recommended logistics company, customers can directly question the feedback to the Customer Service Department, Logistics Department by the Customer Service Department processing; If the carrier for the customer's own designated Logistics company, the customer contact the corresponding logistics company to deal with, the company only for the relevant assistance with the work.
Customer comments and suggestions: When customers have opinions and suggestions on company operation, brand building and personnel service, customers are welcome to contact with the customer service by written fax, e-mail, telephone, etc., and there are more important opinions and suggestions. Direct contact with the customer service manager, unified management analysis by the customer service manager, with the relevant departments of the discussion, the company leadership decision-making, after processing the relevant results back to the customer.
Other daily communication: When customers have other problems or needs, may at any time contact with customer service. Coordinated by the customer service staff and respond to customers.
Note: normal complaints within three working days of reply, special issues need to extend the time to reply, another note